Scavenger Hunt for the Little Adventurers!

Hey there! Just want to share this scavenger hunt for you and your little adventurers. This is a great way to experience nature and stir a little creativity in us all! Hope you enjoy!


The Little Adventurer's Scavenger Hunt

See how many items you can check off on an outing! 

1. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers! While you walk see how many different kinds of wild flowers you can find. 

2. Look up! Use your imagination to find cloud animals in the sky!

3. What song does your little one love? Sing, hum or whistle their favourite tune while exploring through nature!

4. Five.. Six.. Pick up Sticks! Go on a search for the perfect walking stick to take along for the adventure today!

5. Use those binoculars! Eyes and ears to the trees to see and hear 3 different kinds of birds. Chat about the colours and sounds you hear!

6. Get close to the ground... look for the ants and watch how they work!

7. Make a BIG or a little splash in a mud puddle!

8. Find a just-right size tree to climb!

9. Find some open space to do a tumble, cartwheel or roll! 

Hope you and your little one had fun along the way and maybe even feel a bit more connected to the nature around us! Feel free to tag us in a pic of your wild flower bouquet or cloud animals! We would love to see what you discovered. :) 

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